In the past, there was a young man who saved a small and mysterious creature. This young man’s dream was to start a music school, and so the creature that he helped promised to bless the school he created. And now, in the present, there is a Seisou Academy. This academy divided into two departement, General Education Departement with their black uniform and Music Education Departement which fame with its white uniform and the exclusiveness.
In Music Education Deprtement, there is a special music recital called Concours, This recital can followed by elected student only. How to elect it? Not only based on the music ability, but also loving commitment to the music, which selected by a fairy who blessed the school before. Concours is rarely to be held because the decreasing of people who can see fairy.
But this year is different! A girl can see Lily, a fata (music fairy) who blessed the school. She is very happy about it. Because only person who love music so much can see her. So, that girl must be participnt. Force if needed!!!
But, the problem is that girl, Kahoko Hino, came from Gen Ed Dept, who never plyed any instrument!!! So, how Lily made her participate in Concours? Aha!! That is a simple problem! Lily prepare a magic violin which completed with a gold cord.It will made everyone can played it. Enough with heart which want to tell the others via music.So, the most important is heart not technique.
But, many people dislike this decision. Many students from Music Ed Dept., especially from Azuma Yunoki's guard. So, they challange Kahoko to play her violin in public. First she troubled to play the violin, but in the middle of song Kazuki Hihara help her with his trumpet till the end of song.
There're six students who participate in this year Concours. They're Kahoko Hino (2-2, violin), Len Tsukimori (2-A, violin), Kazuki Hihara (3-B, trumpet), Azuma Yunoki (3-B, flute), Keiichi Shimizu (1-A, cello), and Shoko Fuyuumi (1-B, clarinet). And for this year Hiroto Kanazawa is elected as the contest cordinator.From the second selection a male student from Gen Ed Dept. will follow this contest. He is Ryotaro Tsuchiura (2-5) as the only one pianist.
Concours divided into six selection (Actually I'm not sure about it...) and every selection has its own theme.
For the first selection is Opening. In this selection, for the first time Kahoko know that Ryotaro able to play piano well. In this selection too, Kahoko will be betrayed by her accompanist for the concert.The second is Belived Things. In this theme Kahoko start feel guilty to the others participans. She feel guilty because her deceit, an amateur who lucky get a magic violin...Len become a victim from a Music Ed Dept.' guy which hate Len so much. The third is Unsubtitute Thing. In this selection Kahoko aware that her unsubtitute thing are violin and music. But, because her deep guilty, in the middle of selection her violin's cords are broke. Lily won't able ti repair it, until Kahoko cure her own heart....

La Corda D'Oro characters and series © Yuki Kure, Koei, and Lala